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Fancy seeing you here!

Hi there! I'm Erica Lillie Sandin, a photographer, cinematographer, and editor. I'm a storyteller with over a decade of media mischief under my belt. My saga started back in the day with high school TV classes and evolved into me snagging a Bachelor's of Science in Film/TV/Video from Hofstra University. Hofstra pride baby!!

My love for weaving tales really kicked off in the wedding industry where I worked with some amazing couples for about 8 years. But right now, I'm taking a breather from the wedding whirlwind and diving into all things portraits and cool commercial gigs.

I've been rocking the Digital Media educator gig for 8 amazing years, sharing the media magic and hoping to light that same spark in my students that my own teachers lit in me.


When I'm not in media mode, you'll find me going on escapades with my husband Travis, diving into some seafood heaven, and just chilling out in the hot tub.

Thanks for letting me give you a sneak peek into my journey!

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